It is possible to create Notifications on Leanbe which will be visible within the Widget and the Standalone page.

This tutorial will show how you can create a Notification.

To do that, you can click on the Changelog and choose Notification from the dropdown.

Then click on Create Notification.

Once done, you will see the options available with a Notification.

From the Content section the Title, the Category (Bug Fix, Announcement, New Feature) can be set and the Content of the Notification can be added and edited from the editor.

The following options can be set in the Configuration section:
- Custom Redirection: to redirect a notification to a URL of your choice.
- Feedback: to let your website visitors leave a feedback with an Emoji or a Comment.
- Social Sharing: to make the notification sharable on social media.
- Posted Date: to show the date of the notification posted inside the Widget. You can choose any date you wish.

When the Notification is configured you can either:
- Save it as Draft.
- Schedule the date and time for it to be published.
- Publish it right away.
Depending on the Notification status (whether it's draft, scheduled or published) it will be shown in one of the respective sections.

There are three Categories you can choose for the Notification and those are configured by default: Bug Fix, Announcement, New Feature. If you however, need a custom category it can be added too from the Categories section. Just add the new category, choose a name and color for it and that's it.

Here is an example, on how the notifications can look.

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