You can have different projects on Leanbe. This tutorial will show how you can create a project and, if needed, customize it.

Please note, that you will be directed through steps of a project creation upon signing up as well, however, here we show the process once the sign up is over.

Go to the Leanbe dropdown and click Create Project.

Now, click Continue.

Enter the Project Name and click the Enter key on your keyboard or else click Invite Teammates Next.

Now, upload your logo, choose your brand color and font.

Afterwards, just invite the teammates by entering the email address and choosing the role (Admin, Author). You can add more than one teammate by clicking on the plus button.

The default permissions of Admin include: Feature requests, Manage statuses, Notifications, Manage categories, Notification Statistics, Widgets, Tracked Users, Billing.
The default permissions of Author include: Notifications, Manage categories, Widgets. You can create a new role or else change the permissions for this role as well.
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