Notification(s) you have created on Leanbe can be visible within a Widget on your website.

Please, check the following article to know how to create a Notification on Leanbe.

This tutorial will show how you can create a Widget on Leanbe.

To do that, you need to click on Widgets on your Dashboard.

A Default Widget is created as soon as the account is created. It can be customized as you wish.

Besides the default Widget, you can also create other Widgets. To do that, you need to click on Create Widget.

Once done, you will see the options available with a Widget.

Widget Setup section.

From the Widget Setup section you can save the Widget and copy Embed Code.

Then place the Embed Code inside your website. We used a WordPress based page for this example.

You can also change the Widget Name, choose the Type of the Widget: Sidebar or Popup, choose the Launching type: Link or Button.

Once you choose the Link as a launching type, you need to put the CSS class into any element of the website, which will open a widget. The background and text color of the unread notifications count can be customized as well.

Button Customization section.

You can choose Icon, Size, Position and Color for the button under this section.

Widget Configuration section.

The following options can be set in the Widget Configuration section:

Categories : to choose notification category to appear in any specific Widget.
Tabs: to choose the tab which will be shown in the Widget.
Header Title: to choose the name of the Widget that will appear on the widget while opening it.
Footer: to choose background color and text color for it.
Widget Size
Widget Background Color Tone
Widget Border Color
Close Button: to upload an image for close button and customize the position when it is enabled.
Overlay Option: to close your Widget by overlay background and choose the Color and Opacity for it.
Animation: to set opening and closing animation for widget and set speed for appearance.
Page Scrolling: to enable or disable page scrolling while the widget is opened.
Collect Email Subscribers: to enable or disable option to collect email subscribers.

That's it! These were the options to create a Widget on Leanbe.
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