This tutorial shows how you can customize a project that's already been created.

To create a project, please, follow this tutorial.

Hover your mouse on the Customize your project and you will see a button Customize. Click Customize.

Once done, you will see the following options: General, Display Settings, Subdomain Setup and Team. We will go over each of the sections.

The General section allows to change the project name or else delete it.

The Display Settings section has two sub-sections: General and Standalone Page Setups.

From the General sub-section you can set a Logo, Font and Color. You can also enable Custom Branding and customize the Favicon, Watermark and Brand URL.

From the Standalone Page Setups you can customize the following: the Background Color Tone of the whole page, the design of Changelog and Feature Requests. You can upload banners for the Changelog and Feature Requests, as well as choose the Page Grid View.
Besides, you can click Public View to preview the changes made.

The Subdomain Setup allows you to have your own subdomain instead of leanbe's for the Standalone page. Please note that the changes should be first done inside your subdomain's DNS manager and then on leanbe.

The Team section allows to add team members for the project, see the team members you've added and edit if needed.

These were the options to customize an existing project.
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