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How to Integrate with Jira Cloud

It is possible to connect your Leanbe account with Jira Cloud.
The article will show you how to proceed.

From your Dashboard click on the Roadmap, right after on the Integrations buttons.

Click on the Connect button under the Jira Cloud.

Right after, click on the Accept button.

Choose the appropriate Project, Issue types, Map the statuses from the Jira Cloud project with the ones from your Leanbe project and click on the Save button.

That's it.

You can disconnect your Jira Cloud and edit the settings with the appropriate buttons from the screenshot.

Currently, the available options within the integration are:

Import epics and save them as feature requests on our side
During connection, map the statuses you want to sync with
Edit the settings
When a change occurs on our side (title, description or status), we also update the epic in Jira
When a change occurs in Jira (title, description or status), we also update the feature request on our side

Updated on: 28/02/2022

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