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How to Manage Team Members Roles

With Leanbe you can have multiple team members, who can have the exact roles with the appropriate permissions.

The tutorial will help you to manage those roles.

Please, check the following article on how to invite team members.

Steps to manage Team Members Roles

From your Dashboard open the Settings tab and choose Role Management Option:

Admin and Author roles are available by default with the following permissions, which can be edited and deleted by clicking on the button(s) highlighted on the screenshot below:

Admin: Feature requests, Manage statuses, Notifications, Manage categories, Notification Statistics, Widgets, Tracked Users, Billing
Author: Notifications, Manage categories, Widgets

Roles can be deleted with the Bulk action as well:

Any other custom role can be created by clicking on the Create New Role button:

Set up the role name and select the permissions for it, after click on Publish:

That's it! Now you know how to add, edit or delete roles of your team members.

Updated on: 22/02/2022

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