On Leanbe you can add, edit or delete the Feature Request statuses.
This tutorial will show how to do that.
By default, the following statuses are available: Awaiting Approval, To Do, In Progress, In Review, Done.

More information on how to manage Feature Requests on Leanbe can be found in this article.

From the Dashboard open the Feature Requests and click on the Statuses:

Add Status

Click on the Add Status button:

Set the Status name and color and click on the Create button:

Edit Status

Click on the mentioned section from the screenshot and select Edit:

Change the Name and Color of the Status and click Save:

Delete Status

Click on the mentioned section of the Status you would like to remove and select Delete:

The Statuses can be deleted with the Bulk Delete button as well. Just choose the Status you would like to delete by clicking on the highlighted button from the screenshot below. After click on the Bulk Delete to complete the action.

The only Status, that can't be deleted, is Awaiting Approval.

Those were the options that can be applied to the Feature Request Statuses.
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