In the Tracked Users section on your Leanbe account you can see an information about users who:

Subscribed for the updates inside the Widget
Upvoted for the feature requests
Left a public/internal comment
Left feedback (comment or smile) for the notification inside the Widget

In order to access the section, from the Dashboard click on the Tracked Users:

Available information within the section

Email: check emails of the users who subscribed for the updates.
Name: check names.
Is subscribed: there are two options under the section: Yes (if user subscribed and left an email address) and No ( if user left a comment or upvoted for the feature requests).
Created at: check the date when user did one of above mentioned actions.

Available actions within the section

Search: use the option to search users with the exact time range
Export: use the option to export the users list. The file with the CSV format will be automatically downloaded to your device.
Delete: delete the user data if needed

User data can be deleted with the Bulk Delete button as well.

That's it! Now you know how to manage Tracked Users.
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