On Leanbe It is possible to set up the custom subdomain for your standalone page.
This tutorial will show you how to do that.

First of all, you need to make the changes from your DNS manager. In this article we use the Cloudflare DNS manager, but the logic is the same for the other DNS providers as well. More information on how to manage the DNS records at Cloudflare can be found here.

Steps to manage the DNS records on your DNS manager

Log in to your DNS manager for the subdomain

At the CNAME field insert the custom subdomain name you would like to use and set a custom.leanbe.ia value for it like it is mentioned in the screenshot and click Save

Hold on for a while until your DNS provider propagated the made changes

If you are using Cloudflare DNS, make sure the "Cloudflare proxy" mode is disabled for all DNS records you added. Ensure the cloud icon is grey (disabled) and not orange (enabled). This prevents Cloudflare from rewriting the DNS records.

Steps to change the subdomain from your Leanbe account

Log in to your Leanbe account and from the Settings click on the Project Settings

Open the Subdomain Setup and insert the custom subdomain on the Sub domain field by clicking the Save button

Once the domain change is validated a new SSL certificate will be generated for your standalone page.
Make sure to check the newly configured domain after a while.

If you face any difficulties, please, contact us via Live Chat from here

Those were the steps to set up a custom subdomain for your standalone page.
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