It is possible to create and customize Feature Requests on Leanbe so they can be shown on your Dashboard, Widget and Standalone page.

The option is a great way to get in touch with your team members and users, so they can upvote and share their thought via comments about the feature requests.

Steps to Create a Feature Request:

Click on the Feature Requests from your Dashboard:

Click on the Create Feature Request:

Fill in the following fields and click Publish:

Title: give a title to your feature requests.
Details: insert some details about the feature requests such as Video, Image, URL, Tables, Text. The content of the feature requests can be customized as per your needs using provided tools.
Priority: following priorities can be chosen for the feature requests: Highest, High, Medium, Low, Lowest. Note, that priorities will not be visible in the widget or Standalone page. Those are intended for admin and sub accounts.
Status: set the Awaiting Approval, To Do, In Progress, In Review or Done statuses for the feature requests. Note, that Awaiting Approval status will not ne shown to the user even if the Public Visibility is turned on. The Statuses can be edited by the following article
Objective: select the objective for the feature request. The default ones are: Improve product quality, Increase profits by 10%, Grow active users by 20%. In order to manage Objectives, the following article can be checked.
Public comment: you can allow/ disallow the users to leave a comment under the feature requests inside the Widget and Standalone page.

Once published, it will appear on your Dashboard, on the Standalone page and inside the Widget, if you selected to show the Feature Requests inside of it.
More information on how to create the Widget can be found in this article.

With created Feature Requests the following actions can be done from your Dashboard:

Search for the feature requests you have.
Filter the feature requests by their Statuses.
Sort the feature requests by direction, alphabetical, date created.
Upvote the feature requests.

Edit post: use the option to edit the feature requests.
Internal: add a comment to the feature requests which will be seen only by admin and sub accounts.
Edit and Delete comments.

Delete: will allow to delete the created feature requests.
Preview: use to preview your feature requests.
Status: change the status of the feature requests if needed.
Public visibility: if the option is enabled, the feature requests will be shown inside the widget and standalone page.
Show on roadmap: turn off/on the option in case you want to show the feature request on the roadmap as well.
Save: when the status and public visibility are changed, make sure to use the button to save changes.

Note, that only the feature request with the Awaiting approval status can't be added to the roadmap. The feature requests with the rest of the statuses are automatically added to the roadmap under the appropriate column, unless you turn off the Show on roadmap option from the feature request. More information on how to set up a roadmap, can be found in this article.

That's it! These were the steps to help you to create and manage your feature requests.
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