In this tutorial we are going to learn how to set up a roadmap on Leanbe.
The roadmap is available with the standalone page and widget.

Steps to create a feature idea inside the roadmap

From your Leanbe Dashboard click on the Roadmap option

If you do not have any feature requests, or you have turned off the option to ''Show on roadmap'' from your feature request Settings, you need to create a feature idea by clicking on the mentioned button from the screenshot below

Creation of the feature idea is the same, as the creation of the feature request which can be checked here.

Note, that it is not a mandatory to create a feature idea from the roadmap. Feature requests now appear on the roadmap based on their status and the status that's applied to the roadmap column in case you didn't turn off the ''Show on roadmap'' option.

Steps to manage roadmap

There are several actions, that can be done with the columns of the roadmap

By clicking on the mentioned button from the screenshot you can change the Column Title, Attached to Status and also turn off/ on Public Visibility and click on the Update from the Settings section and Delete the column

In order to add a new column, click on the Add column button

Fill in the required fields and click Save

That's it! Now you know how to set up and manage the roadmap.
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