How to Manage Ideas on Leanbe

Ideas are a great way to get in touch with your team members and users so they can share their thoughts about the product by adding appropriate ideas or upvoting them. Ideas can be shown on the portal and widget.

Ideas section consists of New Requests and Ideas subsections. Let's check each subsection one by one.

New requests

Requests get collected via different channels (Slack, Intercom, HubSpot), Portal and Chrome extension. 

Once collected you can either ignore the request to be saved on the archive or else attach it to an existing idea.

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In order to attach requests to an idea, firstly, the idea needs to be created in 2 following ways:

1. Create ideas by using the Create button

  • From your Leanbe Dashboard click Create button and choose Create idea from the list. 

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  • Fill in the following fields and click Create.

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1) Title: give a title to your idea.

2) Description: insert some details about the idea such as Images, URLs, Tables, and Text. The content of the ideas can be customized as per your needs using provided tools.

3) Tags: add tags to your idea

4) Visible in portal/widget: choose to show/hide the idea on the portal/ widget.

5) Attachments: attach files (maximum size of 10MB each) to the idea.


2. Manually create ideas from the Discovery section.

  • From your Leanbe Dashboard open the Discovery menu item, Ideas subsection and click Create idea button.

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  • Fill in the required fields to create an idea.

Steps to customize ideas

It is possible to customize created ideas.

The following actions are available within the ideas list:

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View: click on the button to see the following information about the idea:

Description ( promote idea, creation date, created by, visible in portal/widget, tags)



More information on how Leanbe calculates the idea score, can be found here.

Attached requests (the appropriate button can be used to delete the request)

Internal comments (it is possible to add new comments and delete existing ones)


The idea can be promoted to epic as shown in this article.

Editsimply use the button to edit the idea.

Deleteclick on the button to delete the idea

That's it! Those were the steps to create and customize ideas.