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How to Manage Users on Leanbe

On Leanbe it is possible to have multiple users with defined roles and relevant permissions. You may select the product(s) the user can access to. This tutorial will show how to invite users and manage the users list.

Steps to invite a user

  • From your Leanbe Dashboard open the Settings tab and click User management.

Dashboard-Leanbe (35)

  • Click Invite user and fill in the following information. After, click Invite.

    Email: insert the email of the user you want to invite
    Products: select the product(s) the user will relate to. 
    Role: select the relevant role for the user or else create a new one if needed.

    System-settings-Leanbe (1)

In order to select a role for the user, ensure to create a role beforehand as explained here.

Steps to customize the users' list

As soon as the invite is sent, the user will appear on the users' list with the Pending status.

System-settings-Leanbe (2)

A confirmation email will be sent to the user's email for approval.

Once the user accepts the invitation, they need to insert First and Last names, set the password and press Activate.

Screenshot-by-Lightshot (8)


Once the user's account is activated, the user status will change from Pending to Active and it will be possible to edit or delete the user role if needed.


System-settings-Leanbe (4)

The invited users' list can be checked from the User Management section of the Settings tab. The list includes the data of the users for all available products.

In order to see the users' list for the exact product, it is required to open the Products settings of the appropriate product from the Settings tab and navigate to the User access section.

Dashboard-Leanbe (32)


That's it! Those were the options to manage your Leanbe users.