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How Manage Tags on Leanbe

On Leanbe it is possible to add tags to the ideas. It will help to define a segment for each idea and also will impact the idea score calculation.
More information can be found below.

Tags can be added to ideas as soon as they are created, as well as later, when editing the ideas.

Check this article on how to manage ideas.

As already mentioned, tags impact the idea score calculation as follows.

The Features Associations score modifier defines how the features used on the customers' website are associated with the exact idea.

Leanbe tracks the features of customers' website using the embed code as shown in this article.

The most used features of the website are compared with the existing ideas.

If the idea has a tag associated with those features, the total score of the idea will be higher due to the high score of the features associations modifier.

To sum up, it is recommended to add tags to idea for the accurate score calculation.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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