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How to Manage the Widget on Leanbe

With Leanbe you can create an embeddable widget to show Announcements, Roadmap, and Ideas.
It is possible to create a single widget for every product.
Steps to create a widget, customize it, and place it on the website can be found below.

Steps to create a Widget

There are 2 ways to create a widget.

Create a widget by using the Create button.

From your Leanbe Dashboard click Create button and choose Create widget from the list.

Set title for the widget, select the tabs to be shown inside the widget (if needed, edit the tab labels) and click Create.

Create a widget from the Product settings.

From your Leanbe Dashboard open the Settings tab and click Product settings. Choose Widget from the list and click Create widget button.

Set the title for the widget, select the tabs to be shown inside the widget (if needed, edit the tab labels) to create the widget.

Steps to customize the widget

Once created, the widget can be customized from the Widget setup and Widget configuration sections.

Widget setup

It is possible to edit the Widget name and choose the Launching type (Link or Button).

From the Customization subsection set the Primary and Secondary colors, Button text and background colors.

From the Button customization subsection choose the Icon, Size, Position and Color of the button, along with the Unread notifications color.

Also Remove branding or else enable the Custom branding by adding the Watermark and Brand URL.

Widget configuration

The following options can be set in the Widget Configuration section:

Tabs: to choose the tabs (Announcements, Roadmap or Ideas) which will be shown in the widget along with the text and border colors as well as active text and active border colors.
Header title: to set a header title along with the background and text colors.
Footer: to set the footer background and text colors.
Widget size
Widget background color tone
Overlay option: to open the widget with the overlay by choosing the color and opacity for it.
Close button: to choose the position for the button with the appropriate icon.
Animation: to choose Opening and Closing animations for the widget with the relevant duration.
Cookie consent screen
Page scrolling: to enable or disable page scrolling while the widget is opened.

Once the widget is customized, you are free to put it on your website by copying the embed code.

If you want to redirect the users to your portal to leave an idea request once the content of the widget is clicked, please, ensure to create a portal beforehand as explained here.

That's it! Those were the options to manage a widget on Leanbe.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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