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How to Customize a Portal on Leanbe

Once the portal is created, it is possible to customize it as per your needs. You may apply custom branding, change the logo of the portal, customize tabs inside the portal, etc.
All available customizations can be found below.

Steps to customize the portal

From your Leanbe Dashboard open the Settings tab and click Product settings.

Choose Portal from the list and check the following customization options from the General section.

From the Configurations subsection, it is possible to set a Slug, Logo, Font and Favicon.

You can also enable Remove Branding and Custom Branding by customizing the Watermark and Brand URL.

From the Display Settings section, you can customize the following: the Background Color Tone of the whole page, choose the Tabs to be displayed inside the portal, Banner Image along with the tabs to show it on, Primary and Secondary Colors, Button Text and Background Colors, manage the Cookie consent screen, the design of Announcements, Ideas and Roadmap. You can choose the Page Grid View along with the tab labels, meta titles and meta descriptions.
Besides, you can use Preview buttons to preview the changes made.

The Subdomain Setup allows you to have your own subdomain instead of Leanbe's for the Portal. Please note that the changes should be first done inside your subdomain's DNS manager and then on Leanbe as shown in this article.

These were the options to customize the created portal.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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