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How to Integrate Leanbe with Intercom

It is possible to connect the Leanbe account with Intercom to collect idea requests directly from the conversations.
The tutorial will show how to establish a connection and how to add an idea request.

Steps to connect your Leanbe account with Intercom

From your Leanbe Dashboard open the Settings tab and click Integrations.

Choose Intercom from the list and click Connect.

Sign in to your Intercom account and press Authorize access.

Steps to add an idea request from Intercom

The idea request can be added by the operator and the client.

Steps to add an idea request by the operator can be found below.

Choose the appropriate conversation and from the Details and open Leanbe.
After, add an idea title, description, select the product the idea request refers to, add the owner's email and press Submit request.

To check the submitted idea,  from your Leanbe account open the Ideas of the Product section.

Steps to add an idea request by the client can be found below.

The operator may send the form to the client to submit an idea request directly from there.

From the conversation click Show shortcuts icon.

Find and press Use Leanbe from the list.

Add a proper message to send along with the form to be submitted if needed.

To check the submitted idea, from your Leanbe account open the Ideas of the Product section as mentioned before.

That's it. Those were the steps to integrate Leanbe with Intercom.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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