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How to Integrate Leanbe with Linear

Connect your Leanbe account with Linear to streamline your task management and idea flow. This guide will walk you through the integration process.

Connecting Leanbe to Linear:

Go to Leanbe Dashboard:
- Open the Leanbe Dashboard.
- Navigate to the Settings tab.
- Select Integrations.

Find and Connect to Linear:
- Scroll to find Linear in the list.
- Click the Connect button adjacent to Linear.

Linear Integration

Authenticate with Linear:
- Provide your Linear login details when prompted.
- Click Authorize to grant Leanbe access.

Importing Tasks from Linear to Leanbe:

Access Linear Settings in Leanbe:
- From the dashboard, find the Linear integration section.
- Select Settings.

Configure Task Import:
- Under Linear Settings, pick the desired project or workspace.
- Toggle automatic import for new Linear tasks.
- Map Linear task statuses with those in Leanbe.
- Confirm your choices with Save and sync.

Sync Linear with Leanbe

Review Imported Backlog Items:
- Head to the Backlog section in Leanbe.
- Examine the items you've pulled in from Linear.

Note: If you wish to export tasks from Leanbe to Linear, adjust the settings in the task configurations.

You're all set! You've successfully integrated Leanbe with Linear, ensuring seamless task and idea management across both platforms.

Updated on: 06/08/2023

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