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How to Manage Announcements on Leanbe

It is possible to create announcements on Leanbe to be shown within the widget and/or the portal. Announcements can be published directly, saved as a draft and scheduled.

Steps to create announcements

There are 2 ways to create announcements on Leanbe.

Create announcements by using the Create button

From your Leanbe Dashboard click Create and choose Create announcement from the list.

Fill in the following fields and Save as draft/Schedule/Publish the announcement.


1) Title: give a title to your announcement.
2) Category: set one of the following categories for the announcement: Bug fix, New feature, Announcement or Release.
3) Description: insert some details about the announcement such as Images, URLs, Tables, and Text. The content of the announcements can be customized as per your needs using provided tools.


1) Custom redirection: to redirect users to a URL of your choice, when the announcement's title is clicked.
2) Publish date: this is the public publish date. You can choose any date you wish.

Manually create announcements from the relevant section

From your Leanbe Dashboard open the Announcements section and click Create announcement.

Fill in the available fields and Save as draft/Schedule/Publish the announcement.

Steps to customize announcements

Created Announcements can be found from the Announcements tab, under the appropriate sections: Active/Scheduled/Draft.

The following actions are available within the announcements:

Duplicate: use the button to clone the announcement.

Preview: the button can be used to preview the announcement.

Edit: simply use the button to edit the announcement.

Unpublish/Publish: use the Unpublish button to unpublish published and scheduled announcements. The Publish button can be used to publish draft announcements.

Delete: click on the button to delete the announcement. 

Steps to customize categories of announcements

It is possible to create, edit or delete the categories of announcements.

By default, the following categories are available: Bug fix, New feature, Announcement and Release.

The categories can be edited or deleted.

In order to create a new category, the following steps need to be taken:

From your Leanbe Dashboard open the Settings tab and click Product settings.

Navigate to the Announcements section and click Create category.

Set up the Category name and Color. Then press Create.

The created category will be available within the category list and can be edited or deleted along with the other categories.

That's it! Those were the steps to create and customize announcements.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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