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How to Manage OKRs on Leanbe

Objectives are predefined goals to be achieved.
Key Results capture how we measure success in obtaining the objective.
On Leanbe, it is possible to set up OKRs for the appropriate products. The tutorial will show how to create and customize OKRs.

Steps to create OKRs

From your Leanbe Dashboard open the Products section and click OKRs.

Press the Create OKR.

Fill in the Objective Title and click + to add Key results.

The following fields for the Key Results need to be submitted:

1) Title
2) Min value
3) Max value
4) Value

After, click Create.

Steps to customize OKRs

Created OKRs can be found under the OKRs in the Products section.

The following actions are available within the OKRs list:

The progress of the OKRs will be automatically calculated according to the set-up values.

Edit: simply use the button to edit the OKR.

Delete: click on the button to delete the OKR.

Check the Key Results of the appropriate OKR: click on the + button to see the key results included in the OKR.

OKRs can also be seen in the Objectives section of your Roadmap. More information on the Roadmap can be found by following this article.

OKRs can be attached to the appropriate Epics as shown in this article.

That's it! Those were the steps to create and customize OKRs.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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