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How to Manage Customers on Leanbe

It is possible to track customers on Leanbe. Customers get collected when: the user submits an idea request or upvotes it via portal/widget, submits an idea request via different channels (Slack, Intercom etc.).

Moreover, it is possible to use the HubSpot integration to import your HubSpot contacts into your Leanbe account as well.

In addition, you can identify your customers using the Leanbe embed code as explained here.

To access the customers' list, from your Leanbe Dashboard, open the Discovery section and click Customers.

Check the customers' Email, Name, Score, and Creation Date from the dashboard.

Available actions within the dashboard

Import from CSV: use the button to import the customers' list from a CSV formatted file.

1) Once the button is clicked, choose the appropriate file from your device.

2) Match fields from the imported list with the suggested fields from the screen and click Save

You will get an email notification when the import process is complete.

Export: use the button to export the customers' list. Check the downloaded CSV file.

Create customer: use the button to manually create a customer.

When the button is clicked, fill in the fields and press Create.

It is mandatory to fill in the Email field to be able to create a customer.

Steps to customize customers

The following actions are available within the customers' list.

View: click on the button to see the following information about the customer:

Generic information including customer's email, phone, etc.

Score: ( for more information check the following article)

Company details including job title, salary, etc.


General information such as user activities, usage of the features etc.  which can be tracked using Leanbe embed code as follows.

Internal comments (it is possible to add comments and delete existing ones)

Also, it is possible to edit the customer information by pressing the appropriate button.

Edit: simply use the button to add, delete or edit the customers' data.

Delete: click on the button to delete the customer.

That's it! Those were the steps to manage your customers.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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