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How to Manage Ideas' Scores on Leanbe

Idea prioritization is one of Leanbe's key features. Every idea has a score depending on the users who upvoted or submitted them, and many other modifiers, which will be discussed in this tutorial.

More information on how to manage ideas, can be checked from here.

Steps to manage the idea score

From your Leanbe Dashboard open the Discovery section, Ideas subsection.

Choose the idea of which score you wish to manage and click on the score.

If needed, change the importance of the predefined modifiers based on the modifier you value most in your product strategy.

Leanbe suggests the following modifiers to calculate the idea's score:

Upvotes: defines the average score of the customers who upvoted the idea.

Feature associations: defines if the features associated with the idea are important or not using tags.

Attached requests: defines the customers whose feature requests are attached to ideas.

Effort: defines the resources (time, budget) needed to implement the idea. The modifier is editable and the user can set up the score as per their needs.

Along with the predefined modifiers, it is possible to create custom modifiers and set scores for them, which will impact the calculation of the total score.

Click Create score modifier.

Insert the modifier name, check or uncheck the decrease score option, add a modifier description and click Create.

The Decrease score option is unchecked by default, which means, that the given score to the modifier will raise the total score. If the option is checked, the given score will decrease the total score of the idea.

Once the custom modifier is added, it is possible to edit the score, change the importance and delete the modifier as per your needs.

That's it! Those were the steps to manage ideas' scores on Leanbe.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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