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How to Manage Customers' Scores on Leanbe

Leanbe allows calculating scores for customers to define the importance of each of them which at the same time affects the scores of the ideas.

More information on how Leanbe calculates the idea score, can be found here.

Steps to manage the customer score

To access the customers' list, from your Leanbe Dashboard, open the Discovery section and click Customers.

Choose the customer whose score you wish to manage and click on the score.

Change the importance of the predefined modifiers if needed based on the modifier you value most based on your product strategy.

Leanbe suggests the following modifiers to calculate the customer's score:

Persona compatibility: illustrates how the customer matches the pre-defined buyer persona.

Ensure to create a persona beforehand by specifying their Country(s), Age gap, Gender(s), Job Title(s), and Income for an accurate result.
Please, note, that we will calculate the score by comparing the customer's information with the information of the very first added persona.
If there is no created persona, the field will be inactive and you will be asked to create a persona to be able to use the modifier when calculating the score of the customer.

Usage of features: defines how long the most important features of the product are used by a customer.

Impact on revenue: defines how much the customer pays for the product. The higher they pay, the higher will be the score of the modifier.

CLV (customer lifetime value): defines how long the customer is subscribed to the product and how much he/she pays for it. In case of a long subscription and high payments, the score of the modifier will be the highest.

The usage of the features, the billing, and subscription information will be tracked due to Leanbe's embed code, once it is placed on the website as explained here. If the embed code is missing from the website, the information can't be tracked and the modifier fields will be inactive.

Accuracy: defines the connection between the customer and the idea, which is promoted into epic. That is if the user added an idea or feature request, which later was attached to the idea and became epic, the score of the modifier will be high.

Activity and contributions: defines the actions of the customers with the ideas: that is adding the ideas, upvoting those, and adding comments and reactions to the ideas.

Along with the predefined modifiers, it is possible to create custom modifiers and give them scores, which will impact the calculation of the total score.

Click Create score modifier.

Insert the modifier name, check or uncheck the decrease score option, add a modifier description and click Create.

The Decrease score option is unchecked by default, which means, that the given score to the modifier will raise the total score. If the option is checked, the given score will decrease the total score of the customer.

Once the custom modifier is added, it is possible to edit the score, change the importance and delete the modifier as per your needs.

That's it! Those were the steps to manage customers' scores on Leanbe.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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